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Kelas Catur Online

Online Chess Class 

Kelas Catur Online

Master your Move to the Master Level

​A good chess coach is the right person who can bring the interest back when a student lose his focus. Online Chess Classes bring the game of intellect and foresight to your fingertips, offering the game a new level that caters to your desires at every level, from enthusiastic beginners to seasoned players to sharpen your tactics to an extraordinary level.

Why Study With Us?

Advantages of Online Chess Class : RM25 Session/ Hour and only 4 students maximum in each group session.

1. Interactive Learning Platform:

 We harness the power of technology by conducting learning through Google Meet, augmenting your learning experience through popular platforms such as and

2. AI-Generated Syllabus : Immerse yourself in our cutting-edge, AI-generated slideshow presentations and get optimal guidance in every session including chess puzzle exercises to improve your tactical progress.

3. Live Game Analysis : Our experienced coaches closely monitor your practice games, offering feedback and strategies to refine your game "Live".

4. Chess Community : Stay in touch with your chess friends through our WhatsApp community, it's your go-to place for all the latest chess tournament news and updates in Malaysia.

5. Achievement Certificate: Celebrate your progress and achievements with our Chess Certificate, proof of your skill and dedication in the world of chess.

6. Study under FIDE Master Syllabus : All coaches trained by FIDE Master and Player have chances by get personal coaching lesson directly

1 to 1 by FIDE Master (Additional Fee Charges).

Join our community and begin a chess journey that combines tradition with technology, while under the guidance of expert coaches. Your step towards chess mastery starts here!

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